Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday - Day Five

I can’t believe today is Wednesday already. We woke up this morning to very rough seas and gale warnings. Seas are 7.5 – 12 feet and winds are over 30 knots. We evidently sped up during the night in order to get ahead of a storm. We may have missed the worst of it, but the weather is markedly different from yesterday. Mom woke up about 45 minutes before I did and was already up, showered and dressed by the time the doorbell rang – it was Nicholas with our breakfast. We had our breakfast and proceeded down to the theater for a cooking demonstration. It was very interesting. There were two chefs – one prepared a swordfish dish and a lamb dish while the other prepared a duck dish and tiramisu. They gave us the recipes – very excited to try them at home. We then went down to the Queen’s Court where they were demonstrating the “Quick Step”. I opted to only watch today as the seas are quite rough. We then decided it was time to eat again. We went to the Queen’s Grill to have our lunch. Today we started with minestrone soup – mom then had the shrimp salad on foccacia and I had a turkey burger. We were scheduled to talk to dad at 10 am EST, so I had to excuse myself from the lunch table to get online. Unfortunately due to the rough weather I was unable to connect. We decided to make a satellite call to him from our room. It took several tries, but we did get through. It was so wonderful to talk to him! I was able to get online just now and talk to H. Mom is in the salon having her hair done for this evening’s gala. Tonight is the Ascot Ball. They are having a hat parade, so that should certainly be interesting. Too bad I left my hats at home. I am in the library where the Commodore was doing a signing. I am basically at the bow of the ship looking out. I swear it doesn’t seem as rough as yesterday, or maybe the motion pills are just doing their job! We received our disembarkment papers this morning. We are to leave the ship at 8:15 am. Very early, but at least we’ll be able to get into London at a decent hour. That’s all for now!


Kasey said...

Thanks for the song and the shout out. You do sound tired. Get some rest before you get to Jolly Ol' England.

Miss ya

Jam said...

It sounds like you two are having the trip of a lifetime!

Have a Caesar Salad for Pam and a Bananas Foster for Jay.

Pam has missed your phone calls. Thank goodness the crossword puzzles have been easy this week.

We pick up David in an hour to go out to dinner.

We wish you smooth sailing the rest of the trip into Southhampton.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you're making those recipes and I'll fly out to dine :) Looks like you are having a wonderful time!