Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day One

I’ve been fortunate enough to post some things via my iPhone, here is some additional video and pictures from our first day. To say the least, it has been one that we will not forget. The QM2 has definitely exceeded all expectations. Though we have only been on board less than 12 hours, we have already made quite the impression on our butler and our head waiter. One of the funniest moments was my mom asking for a “sesame street” roll, which was in fact really a poppy seed roll. Our butler came in on 3 occasions only to find us each time out on the verandah. Everyone on board is very congenial, in fact I would say a majority of the passengers are Brits returning home.
A couple of our funniest moments were “Titanic” moments. We were having lunch when the theme song from Titanic came on. Mom and I both looked at each other and then just cracked up. Then, we got back to our room tonight and Titanic was playing on the TV. Doesn’t seem like the best film to be playing on our transatlantic crossing.
We had a wonderful dinner – 5 courses, not including the canapés that were brought to our room. Mom had the coconut shrimp for an entrée and I had the turbot – all were wonderful. We have now retired to our stateroom and have on the official Cunard robe and slippers and are listening to the waves from our open door. There is not a light in sight and we are really moving along. We are losing an hour tonight, so tomorrow will come a little early. We have decided to do breakfast in bed. That’s all for now – looking forward to tomorrow. Good night to all.

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