Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon/Evening

We had a most relaxing afternoon. We opted to go up to the sun deck and relax out in the sun. We started with blankets over us, but soon it warmed up quite a bit. We napped for a couple of hours – which was wonderful. I woke up feeling so much better. We then came in and listened to all of the bad financial news. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to stay up to watch the debate or not. Nicholas brought us more canapés and shrimp. We then went down to dinner about 7, but were a bit early. We went into the Queen’s Grill Lounge and had a cocktail and some more hors d’oeuvres. Finally around 8 we went to dinner and to sound like a broken record, it was fantastic. We both started with escargot and Caesar salads – Mom had the salmon and I had the Angus filet, or as they say here “fillet”. We ended our meal with crepes Suzette that was made at our table. I think we’ve pre-ordered duck a l’orange for tomorrow night. Not sure how all of that happened. We went down to the Queen’s Court and listened to some big band music, learned how to do the Charleston, and watched the pros do the Cha Cha. We are going to call it a day, but we can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday already. We’re watching the TV to see the updates, it is 62 degrees out and the water is close to 70 – really warm for this far North. It says were are only about 1291 nautical miles from Southampton. The seas are still a bit rough and you can hear the stabilizers working overtime. I think I’m going to opt for another motion sickness pill before I got to bed so that tomorrow will be a better day where that’s concerned. Thank you to all who have commented and sent us messages – we really appreciate it. We look forward to being able to have some more direct access to internet and phone on the future parts of our trip. Good night to all!


Hunter said...

SL - does not like losing sleep, but she is having a good time. DHS

Kasey said...

She is losing sleep but getting lots of rot time. It is worth the sacrifice for all that good food and great scenery. Hope you feel better today L.