Monday, October 27, 2008

Taormina, Sicily

We woke up this morning to a dense fog which quickly turned into solid rain. We did have breakfast up on Deck 9, outside, but we quickly realized how rough the weather was. There were whitecaps on the Mediterranean, never a good sign, and the tenders were struggling to go ashore. It was then I decided not to head into Sicily. After breakfast we went up to Deck 10 where there is a gorgeous look out and we addressed postcards, a bunch of them. It's the first really rotten day we've had. However it was during this time that I began to turn green again. I guess it was the ship rocking and me trying to write. I ended up seasick again. I took the pills I bought on the QM2, and pretty much slept the rest of the day away. What else could you do with that kind of weather? We had dinner reservations at 18:30 in the Polo Grill with Margaret. Mom had to finally wake me up around 17:00 so I could start getting ready. Dinner was wonderful. I guess I felt better and the food up there is terrific. We had the fillet again and it was just as good as before and we had the truffle mashed potatoes to go with. They served us these orange and strawberry jelly squares that Mom fell in love with, so we asked our waiter if we could have the rest in a to go box, and of course he obliged. After dinner we went down and listened to the quartet and then went on into a show. There was a guy by the name of Chris Shafer who was performing a lot of Sinatra and some other oldies. We had left port by this time and you could tell we were on fairly rough seas. We headed back to our room and went to bed hoping for a better day on Monday.

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B said...

Our Rhine photos are finally available at
I'm still working on captions, but that might take a while.
Glad to see the rest of your trip is going well (envy, envy, etc.).
Bill and Zanna