Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day Two PM

Well after several trips back and forth I figured out how to get online. I managed to post yesterday’s events, so we’re happy about that. We then came back and decided to spend some more time on our verandah, and once again, Nicholas our butler came in and had to find us out there. Once we made it out for the day we went down to the Winter Garden where they were displaying art that was going to be auctioned. There were certainly some interesting pieces, but nothing that we cared to send home. We decided we were hungry (shock), and were going to try out one of the other venues. However, the hustle and bustle was too much for us, so we opted to dine at the Queens Grill once again. We had a lovely lunch of cauliflower soup to start, mom had the veal stew and I had the chicken satay. We decided to skip dessert because we knew we would have high tea. After lunch we browsed the various shops on board. I really enjoyed Hermes (I’m sure Hunter wonders what I might have bought). After that it was time for tea, and yes, eating again. We had traditional tea with mini sandwiches and of course cakes! Then we saw the scones go by with clotted cream and jam– couldn’t pass that up either. By this point we were thoroughly stuffed and went down below to the game room and played the worse game of scrabble ever! Don and Marlyn - where are you when we need you! We finally just gave up on it and headed back to our room for dinner. We were relaxing and slightly dozing off when “Saint Nicholas” appeared with 2 dozen beautiful shrimp, canapés, and more champagne. This is the way to live! We have noticed that the seas have become rougher and that the ship has more movement, or then again, it could just be the champagne! We dressed for dinner. Tonight was a formal night and the Black and White Ball. We arrived at dinner and truly enjoyed the general splendor. Everyone was dressed to the nines. We enjoyed duck and crab cakes for dinner. So yummy. We did opt for dessert a chocolate mousse pyramid with orange coulis and I had the strawberries flambé. It was then time to head to the Queen’s Court for the Ball. They had a band playing and “gentleman dancers” to accompany any single women on the dance floor. The dance floor was full most of the evening and I was invited to join in a group dance that was a teddy bear picnic or something like that. All I know is there were two women for even man and there was promenading, kissing on the cheek, and the men moved forward by getting a pat on the rear. Quite the evening. I also danced the Rhumba with one of the men. We have now come back to our stateroom to find a fresh flower arrangement and chocolate covered strawberries. What a day it has been. We will move the clocks forward another hour this evening. I guess the last step is to order our breakfast for tomorrow morning and then retire for the night. Stay tuned for more!
PS – Dad, if you’re reading this, we’re looking forward to talking with you at 10 am tomorrow (Monday)!


Don and Maryln said...

Good Luck on your trip.
When did you go to Seattle and Moses Lake WA? We could have met you at either place for a game or two of Scrabble to get you intune for the trip. Moses Lake is only about an hour from here. How is David doing?

Kasey said...

Out of Country Rules!

Keep having fun.
Love K