Friday, October 10, 2008


Before I load this post all I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR REAL INTERNET!!!!!

We arrived in Waterloo right on time and I think there were about 5 people making sure we got off the train and got our luggage. One couple who was assisting had also been on the QM2 and were from Edinburgh. The information officer who helped us at Southampton had radioed ahead to make sure there was a cart waiting to pick mom up (the beep beep cart like they have at the airport). We loaded up the cart up with Mom and the luggage and the folks from Scotland. They had been on a 3 week trip on the QM2. The driver dropped me off by the ATM so I could get some GBP out while mom queued up for the taxi. Our new “friends” stayed with her and helped her along until I got back. I just can’t believe the kindness of these people. We said goodbye and got in our taxi to the hotel. We were here by 11:00, so our room wasn’t ready. They gave us access to the concierge lounge so we could relax and get some water. After about an hour we went back down and the room still wasn’t ready and we decided to venture out. There was some question about our Eurostar trip tomorrow and the concierge was kind enough to confirm with them that everything was in order. I had received a message that our trip had been cancelled, but it seems like we are god to go. After heading out we found a cute café and decided to have a Panini for lunch. It was very tasty – but the best part was just sitting outside on the sidewalk watching Londoners go by. The amazing part is that it was sunny and in the upper 60s, a picture perfect day. I then called H and was finally able to talk to him which was wonderful. We then walked on to go find “The Big Bus Company” since that would be the best way for mom to see London all at once. After walking almost a ½ mile we found the stop. En route I heard my phone ringing and it was my dad! He decided to try my phone and it worked. It was so great to talk to him! Once at the bus stop we hopped on the double-decker and started our tour around London. It really was such a great day for this type of trip and really allowed mom to see so much. We were on it for several hours. We finally got off at Piccadilly Circus and I decided instead of taking a taxi back, mom needed to experience the Tube – mind you it was rush hour on a Friday! She handled it like a champ. We only had to go 3 stops, so it was a quick trip on the packed Underground. We were at the hotel at last and were able to get in our room. We have quite a large room for downtown London. We went up to the lounge for hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine. We stayed for a bit of dessert and are now back in the room. We are watching the financial news which is still unbelievable. I am going to head down to post some items from the past 24 hours. We have to check out here and head on to the terminal by around 8:30 and should be in Amsterdam by 4:30 pm – if all goes well. So far so good, just need some rest.


Jo Ann said...

Larissa, Those London skies make me so envious to be there. I love that place. I am happy you have had a safe journey. Sorry about the sea sickness but hopefully that is all behind. Cannot wait to read about the rest of the trip.

Kasey said...

Good thing it is not hot- the air would not work either without the key card. I hope Trudy knew to 'Mind the Gap'

London in a day: pretty impressive

No Harrods?

Kathleen said...

Sounds like evrything is working beautifully. It is heartening to hear about all the helpful people. Glad you got to tour London. Kathleen

Hunter said...

A good day for SL and her mom. Sounds like they painted the town red. I hope the rest of your trip goes great as well. L, DHS