Saturday, October 4, 2008

Leaving Port

We are enjoying some champagne as we leave port. It has been a long
but wonderful day. We can't wait for what the rest of the trip has in


Lisa and Dave Fowler said...

What a wonderful way to experience your trip together. We look forward to this new type of reality TV.

Please know that we are all very proud of you and that we love you and will have you in our prayers.

The Fowler's

Susie said...

Good Morning Ladies!
Could not wait to get to work this
morning to begin my travels with you. My internet is still down
at home so I had to being my travel
a couple of days late. Lara, thanks for sharing this time and allowing your family and friends to take this journey with 2 of my favorite people. I look forward to the next month. I talked to David last night and he was enjoying sushi, imagine that. Have a Fantastic day! Check you later.
Luv Ya! Susie