Friday, October 31, 2008

Delos and Mykonos

I finally made it back to the ship around 18:00 and Mom had escaped from the room. I found her wandering around the ship. We worked on packing a little before dinner. That is such a monumental task when you’ve been gone this long. We decided to have dinner at the casual Terrace restaurant for our last evening and we had Margaret join us.
It was a bittersweet dinner. It wasn’t just our last dinner on the cruise, but it is nearing the end of our trip. We enjoyed dinner as much as ever.
I will miss my buddy who makes the pasta for us each night. He has been wonderful! The chef came over and gave us his recipe for the tomato sauce that is out of this world (Saint Benedicto tomatoes!). We then went to the Upper Hall for our last evening of live music. They played many of the favorites and ended with “Time to Say Goodbye”. We said our goodbyes and went back to get things ready. We were packed and had our bags out by 22:15. We called it an early evening as we had to get up early in the morning.

I didn't blog about yesterday because we stayed on ship all day and then I had really bad motion sickness, again. I am not sure what is bringing it on all of a sudden, but I have missed 2 wonderful dinners thanks to it! This morning we anchored off of Delos, an uninhabited island which is an open air archaeological site. Mom stayed on the ship. I didn't do a guided tour, but decided to wander around on my own. The island used to be the political center of Greece 4-5000 years ago. There are of course lots of temples, especially to Apollo. The island was inhabited over thousands of years so there is a definite evolution to the sculpture and frescos. There are beautiful mosaics which are on display in the museum. We were only in Delos for the morning and set said at noon. I was back on ship by 11:30 and went to soak in some of the sun. It's wonderful how warm it is here, but the sun doesn't burn you. Mom stayed out of the sun as she was still very pink from yesterday.
We arrived in Mykonos only about an hour after leaving Delos. I let the crowds go on into the island and waited for a later tender. The island is eerily quiet as it is the end of the tourist season. The shops only open when ships are in harbor. The buildings are typical of those in Greece - white with blue shutters. Very picturesque. I am sitting by the water typing this and using some "found" wifi. I doubt that it will be enough to load any photos, but thought I would write a note. We sail for Piraeus tonight (96 nautical miles) and we disembark in the morning. We will make our way into Athens for a day or two and then fly home on Monday. It's hard to believe the month is almost gone. Happy Halloween to everyone!

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