Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday - At Sea

Day 25 – At Sea
Today Mom awakened earlier than usual and was taking in the morning views of the sea. I woke up shortly thereafter and asked what time it was and she said 8:15, only 30 minutes until breakfast was to be delivered. It was a good thing because I was hungry! We were doing a few things around the room when she realized it was in fact only 7:30, so we had over an hour until breakfast. We called Bogdan and asked if we could go ahead and get our breakfast sent up. He was happy to oblige. He arrived very shortly with our food and some champagne – what a way to start the morning! We had a lovely breakfast, but decided we were a bit tired, so we pulled a “Dad” and had an after breakfast nap! Next thing we knew it was 11:00! The sun was shining and we headed out to the pool deck. Obviously everyone on board had the same idea. We had to opt for lounges in the shade at first until some opened up in the sun. By noon we were well on our way to sunbathing.
The sun seemed later than the actual hour and in fact sunset was at 16:35, the earliest I’ve ever seen it set. We did go in around 16:00 for tea since we had only snacked in the afternoon on a piece of pizza and a pineapple milkshake – the lunch of champions! Tea was nice, but again more crowded than usual. After tea we came back to our stateroom and it was already dark out. It was still hours until dinner, so we opted to watch a movie. Our evening canapés arrived and we finished the movie in time for dinner. I guess we have had too many 5-course dinners as we are now opting for the casual Terrace restaurant onboard. Here we can have our nightly sushi and graze for the rest of our meal. We went to the Upper Hall to hear the string quartet and our friend Margaret joined us after her dinner. We sat and chatted until 22:30. Margaret was going on to the show, but we had to go up, shower, and get ready for bed. We were going to lose an hour this evening and we had to get up early for our excursion on Santorini tomorrow. I think we are starting to tire out!

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