Saturday, October 4, 2008

At the Airport

After getting up at 3:45 am, we are finally here at the airport. I got up at that time, but the rest of the crowd (i.e. mom and dad) slept in a little later. I just wanted to be sure we had everything ready to go. Dad dropped us off and gave us his love. I know being without mom for a month will be tough. As for the suitcases, they were a little overweight afterall, but we managed to slip them by. Mom was really put through the hoops at security thanks to her new knee and the trainee that was "learning" from her. The plane is here and we should be boarding soon. Next stop, La Guardia.

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jpeterson2 said...

We hope you early birds have a great trip! We enjoyed the video.

We will miss you.

Pam & Jay (Jam)