Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon (Monaco)

I came back to the ship and Mom had decided to come in from the sun deck as it had cooled off considerably. At this point it was close to 13:45 and time to get a quick bite of lunch. We went up to the Terrace Café and had a light lunch. We have gotten into the habit of just getting one item and splitting it – that way we can try more things! After lunch we went up to the library and I got on internet for just a minute to try and find a car service in Athens. Dad was up and we tried to use Skype, but no real luck. Not to mention my computer was in need of charging and it died right in the middle of talking with dad. We then went back to the room and watched part two of Gone With the Wind. We were both getting a little sleepy and opted to pause the movie to go up for tea. Tea time is from 16:00 – 17:00 at the front of the ship. The view was magnificent. We had our selection of teas and they came around with the tea cart which had all types of sweets, including scones with clotted cream and jam; of course we had them. We enjoyed the sights for about an hour and then went back to finish the movie. We had dinner reservations at the Polo Grill, which is a specialty restaurant onboard that specializes in aged Angus beef and seafood. It was time to get ready for that experience. It’s hard to imagine that food could be any better than in the main dining room, but I dare say it was. We started with the oysters Rockefeller (it was a tough choice because they also had escargot – that will be next time), then mom had the lobster bisque while I had the iceberg wedge with bacon, blue cheese and tomato, then for an entrée Mom was good and had the cob salad with seared tuna while I tacked a 10 oz filet mignon and haricot vert almandine – green beans. It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. We saved some room for dessert – Mom had the “brownie” and ice cream while I had the 7 layer Belgian chocolate cake. It had this unusual “fruit” on the side which we later found out was a piesilys (I have no idea how to spell it), it had an almost tart flavor, but was really good. By this point it was after nine so we missed our evening sitting with the quartet outside of the dining room. Mom had the idea to watch “To Catch a Thief” since we were in Monte Carlo. I went down to the reception desk and someone had just turned it back in. It was really funny watching the movie with Monte Carlo in the background. We finished that up about 11:30 and went to sleep.

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