Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a weekend...

I’m going to combine both Saturday and Sunday’s entries as they have been a rough two days. Yesterday (Saturday) Mom woke up with the most horrible cold out of nowhere. I think we’ve decided that I was the “carrier monkey” or that we caught it from Dad over the phone last week! The seas were not so bad this day, but since Mom was feeling so bad she stayed in the room the entire day except to go to the infirmary. They have quite facility on board include an x-ray, so they were able to check out her lungs. She is now on 5 different meds to hopefully knock this out. I did the usual paining class in the morning and went to a jewelry presentation where I was the very lucky winner of a gorgeous necklace!
The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent in the room with Mom. We ordered room service and watched Secretariat. It was a nice and quiet evening. Today we awoke to some rougher seas, but still manageable. Mom was no better, so she again stayed in the suite while I went on a tour of the bridge, which was most informative. 
Our current course to Tasmania
They showed us many interesting aspects of the ship including how the stabilizers work, the onboard desalinization plant, and even the paper maps they use to chart the course. After the tour it was time for the art lecture and class. I did get a bite to eat and get Mom something as well. As the afternoon went on, the seas became increasingly rough. I passed through the pool deck and noticed that they had drained the pool, so I was afraid we’re in for it. 
Earlier, before it was really rough
While Mom rested I went to Bingo and won and then helped with trivia and came in second place. Tonight was formal, and the Venetian Society reception and in addition, we had been asked to dinner at La Terrazza by Jorge, the CFO, who we dined with last segment. I knew Mom couldn’t go due to being sick, but she couldn’t have gone anyway due to the rough seas. Before today, we had always talked about how bad the Bay of Biscay was last year. Well folks, that was a cakewalk compared to what we’ve experience this evening. I did go ahead to the reception and dinner. Turned out that it was just Jorge, Henriette, and I at dinner as her husband was seasick. To give you an idea of how bad this is, there was a man who flipped over in his chair during dinner when the ship lurched. We have also heard calls for the ship’s doctor to report ASAP to certain suites. It’s not just the movement, but the sounds as we crash against the waves. It’s almost terrifying and I’m hoping we’ll be able to rest. The captain did come on to warn us again about how rough it was going to be with 20+ foot seas and gale force winds. Dinner was nice, but the ship’s movement and lurching made it very difficult to carry on a conversation – not to mention some glassware breaking.
I made it back to the suite after dinner to find Mom in the same place I had left her. I wasn’t having much trouble with the seasickness until now. I had to stop typing this to go and get some pills for seasickness from the desk. There is no one out and most of the elevators are temporarily out of service. I have just taken the pills and waiting for some relief. Here we are just waiting to set foot on dry land tomorrow!

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