Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bora Bora


We actually arrived in Bora Bora last evening since it is so close to Raiatea and the captain wanted to get us in the security of the lagoon due to some rougher seas. The view reminded us both of Moorea, again it is all just so beautiful. 
These are all volcanic islands that over the millennia have started to erode and create these motus (small islands) that create a ring around the main island or “volcanic plug”. As a result there are the beautiful shallow turquoise lagoons with lots of coral. The main island is very steep with most of the inhabitants living right around the water’s edge. As on Moorea many of the hotels have the overwater bungalows.
In the town of Vaitape
We must be getting adjusted a little better because when Jai rang the doorbell this morning with breakfast we were both still asleep. We enjoyed a leisurely meal in our room and then went again to get ready to tender ashore. The sun is extremely intense, so we didn’t want to wait until later in the day. The lagoon is so calm that getting on the tender was no problem for Mom. It was a 5-minute ride into the port of Vaitape.
A kayaker was "drafting" the tender!
 We walked around the craft market and then did some pearl shopping. After looking in many stores I finally decided on a multi black pearl slide necklace. I have to day I am very excited about it. We spent about 3 hours ashore before heading back. The heat of the day was getting to us. We had lunch in La Terraza, which is an Italian restaurant at night, but they serve a normal lunch there during the day. They had some of the most wonderful sashimi. We went back to our room and sat out on the verandah for a while. It’s amazing that it can be so hot in the sun, but very comfortable in the shade. We both were sleepy and decided to take a nap for most of the afternoon. I guess we were just lazy! By the time we got up it was time to get ready for dinner. Tonight they had a special Polynesian evening up on the pool deck. We dressed in the Polynesian style and were greeted with fresh, very fragrant flower leis.
In the Polynesian spirit :)
Sashimi anyone?
View from the top deck
The entire pool deck had been transformed to allow family style seating. We joined some people from the UK, Australia and USA for dinner. They had incredible buffets set up including fresh fish for more sashimi. Dinner was followed by entertainment from local Polynesian dancers and drummers (could only upload a small brief clip on satellite internet).
Shake it
They did such a fantastic job and I’m not sure how they can move like that for so long. In all it was about an hour long show that we thoroughly enjoyed. We stopped by the Bar for a nightcap and have now called it a day. We left anchor about 11:00 PM and are now on the way to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Tomorrow is our first full day at sea and we are both looking forward to it!

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