Monday, February 28, 2011

Final Day On Board

Wow, where did the time go? Today is our last day on board the ship. We of course did room service and enjoyed our eggs Benedict one last time. We awoke to gray skies, which was probably a good thing since we needed to pack. We have been dreading the packing since the day we unpacked. I did managed to get in a little laundry, but had to fight for it, ha ha. We went to the final art lecture, but didn’t stay for the workshop since we were in the midst of packing. It all went well, but sometimes it seemed like our clothing multiplied. We really haven’t bought many souvenirs, so that wasn’t an issue. The sun finally came out around 1 PM, so we went out by the pool for a while, though it was breezy. We had a bite of lunch, and then continued packing. We decided to go to one last Bingo and Trivia – neither of which went very well today! It’s amazing all of the little things that you must take care of on the final day. Dinner tonight was casual, so we dressed and went by the bar. We ended up having drinks with Gary and Bette, and later Carol and Steve joined us. We all went down and had a wonderful dinner together. Gary and Bette are on until Darwin while Carol and Steve do not leave until Hong Kong, which is the half way point of the world cruise. We excused ourselves from dinner to go and listen to Eric play one last evening. He played many of our favorites, and ended by playing Lara’s theme. I ran back to get the camera to get a photo and realized that we were just about the only ones without our luggage out. 
We had to call it an “early” evening since tomorrow we’ll want to get up to see the approach to Sydney. It is now midnight, so maybe not such an early evening. 

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