Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday at Sea

We again awakened to very stormy skies and more rain. This isn’t the sunny tropical weather that we had in the islands and we miss it. We actually had breakfast and were out of the room by 10:00 AM, a new record. We wanted to have good seats for the painting class that was coming up. We did get to work on our paintings a bit more and yet more is still needed. We ended around 12:30 today so that we could enjoy the Galley Luncheon, which is done once per cruise. 
The food offerings were incredible and we enjoyed it immensely. We had a bead making class at 3:00 where we made some really cute rings. This took the whole hour and it was already time for Bingo. What can I say, nothing else to do in the afternoons but play Bingo. I did not win any today, so it made it a little less fun. We did swing by the casino and try a few slots. We managed to win a little, but at the end break even. Tonight was informal attire, but we had a reception and dinner for those who were traveling from either LA or Papeete to Sydney. 
This was held up in La Terrazza and we enjoyed it very much. We sat with several different people, one couple who has a house up in western NC, a man from Texas and a woman from Paris. I enjoyed using a little French and she complimented me on my accent and pronunciation. She was extremely sweet and wanted to talk more to me “en Francais” of course! We dined on caviar, lobster, tuna and filet followed by an awesome dessert trio. There was a show, but we decided to skip it and just listen to the pianist in the bar. Now we go to bed on Monday night and will wake up to Wednesday morning. How crazy is that?

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