Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

This morning we again awoke to very gray skies and fairly high seas. We again had breakfast in our room and enjoyed watching a little TV. I have to admit I think I even took a little mid morning nap. I guess I am getting lazy. At 11:00 it was time for our arts and crafts class, which today was Maori style drawings. We had a brief lecture followed by creating our own pieces. This is a several day process, so we’ll have to go back tomorrow. 
These paintings take several hours, so we decided to go ahead and get some lunch down in the dining room. It was a much slower dining option than previous days, but we still enjoyed it. We had to opt out of dessert so we could make it to dance class. Today was the Cha Cha, a nice and easy dance, but not so much with the movement of the ship. After class the skies had cleared and the sun had come out, so we went out on deck for about an hour. At 4:00, it was time for Bingo! I had never really played, but hey, what else did we have to do this afternoon? I actually managed to win, so I received “points” that can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the trip. By 5, it was time for me to go try out the onboard Pilates class which was done out on deck with the ocean in front of you. I found it very easy to get distracted by the beautiful ocean, so maybe not such a great idea for me. It seemed strange that today was Super Bowl Sunday, but they did managed to get the broadcast of it and had it showing in the theater complete with hamburgers and hot dogs. A little later the captain came over the intercom this afternoon with some good news and not so good news. The good news is that we are going to have an additional port of call in Taronga on Thursday since we didn’t get to go ashore in Rarotonga. The not so good news is that there is a new cyclone that has formed and is only about 300 miles north of us, and traveling faster and parallel to us. We hope to avoid any effects, but we could see some higher seas.
This evening was the Venetian Society reception for those who have previously sailed on Silversea. This line really does have a following with some passengers having sailed over 1000 nights. The reception was held up on the pool deck and we sat with a couple we dined with last evening. We noticed that at 8:00 it was still extremely light out. I believe we have passed into another time zone or two, but we have remained 5 hours behind EST. Tomorrow is our last day before we cross over the International Date Line and lose a day. Still trying to figure out how all of it works. Dinner was Italian themed and I had the Ossobuco and Mom had the mushroom risotto. We dined with a couple from the US and several others from the UK. After dinner we had a performance by a musician who played about 5 different instruments. It was an entertaining show all around. We are calling it an earlier night than last night as we are both a little tired. Here’s hoping for clear skies tomorrow as we continue to be at sea.


Anonymous said...

Yikes - hope ya'll can get away from the bad weather once and for all! Enjoy the surprise port of call though.
Laura T.

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