Friday, February 4, 2011

At Sea

Today we were excited to sleep in a little bit since we had our first full day at sea. It's hard to believe but we are still just 5 hours behind EST at this point. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in the comfort of our suite. The ship is really moving, but it mostly seems to be up and down and not side-to-side, which tends to bother us more.
Gorgeous water!
We spent the morning out on the verandah and then went to a Relais & Chateaux presentation around 11:30. It wasn’t really anything informative, but we did get to enjoy a glass of prosecco, so that made it worthwhile! The weather was perfect (if not a little warm), so we went out and spent some time in the sun. We had a rather late lunch on the pool deck, so we just shared a burger. About three o’clock they were setting up for an ice cream social by the pool. Mom and I managed to get out of there in time to do a bracelet making class. It was a lot of fun, but the beads were small and hard to see. I had a nice woman next to me who needed some help. She spoke Italian, so we were able to converse a little bit. We finished up just after 4:00 pm. Mom and I were going to tea only to find out they weren’t having it today and instead had bingo. We instead came back to the room to enjoy some fruit for a snack. We missed the pianist that was scheduled at 6:45 and opted to go to the bar and listen to the trio. After a bit we decided to move on to dinner. Since tonight was formal all of the ladies were decked out in their gowns of various sorts and the men all in their tuxes. 
All dressed up
We were seated with two of the loveliest couples, Andrew and Monica from Dorset in the UK and Bob and Louise from Macon, Georgia. Bob and Louise are on the full world cruise and celebrating 65 years of marriage. Andrew and Monica are going as far as Hong Kong. We really enjoyed getting to know them over dinner. Tonight we had fois gras and prawns to start, followed by the best mushroom risotto ever, apple sorbet and Chateaubriand for our entrée. We were just about the last ones to leave the dining room. They were showing the movie South Pacific tonight in the theater, however, we found that it was the 2001 remake and weren’t really interested. It was already getting late, se we headed back and called it a day. 
Chocolates waiting for us when we returned.
Tomorrow (Saturday) we arrive in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. 

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