Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday at Sea

Last night we decided to not order breakfast and just sleep in since we’d had champagne at midnight. I awakened about 9:00 and noticed the ship was moving quite a bit. I also notice I didn’t feel so great – and no, it wasn’t due to the champagne the night before. I woke up with a very sore throat and general ugh feeling. I hoped it would improve throughout the day. We had breakfast in La Terrazza, which was wonderful. It was nice to eat outside of the room for once. We managed to see some dolphins that were following in the wake of our ship. We had our 11 AM lecture on the Maori and their tattoos followed by art class with more stamping art. Our pieces today turned out rather well I must say. 

After class we realized that the sun was out so we went up to enjoy the sun by the pool. Evidently they change the water in the pool every time there is a new segment so the water was extremely cold today. The sun was extremely warm and intense, pretty typical of New Zealand so we understand. At 3:00 we had the ice cream Sunday bar (I knew I wasn’t feeling well since I had no interest in this). At 4 it was time for Bingo, and we were both losers today. We stayed for trivia, and didn’t do much better. We joined a team of guests who we knew from the last segment, but still managed to come in 4th out of 9 teams. I’ve decided I was of no use to the team today. We’ll see if we try that in the future. We finished around 5:45 and had to be ready for the welcome reception at 7 PM. That took a great deal of getting ready. Tonight was formal, so that also added to the task at hand. 
We were down in the bar by just before 7 and were welcomed by our new captain (our other one left in Auckland to begin his vacation). It was brief, but we did see Jorge there who was one of the officers that we dined with last week. After our cocktails we went down and joined a wonderful group for dinner. One couple was from AZ and the other from IL. There was "what a small world" moment when we found at that the one gentleman Bill had gone to the Hill School (prep school) in Pottstown where I grew up. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and dine together. We ended up staying for dinner well past the time for the show. It was okay since I am still feeling like I am getting a cold or something. We did stop by the bar to listen to Eric play just for a little bit. It was then back to our room to get some rest before the tour tomorrow (and hopefully me feeling 100% better)!

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Anonymous said...

Still enjoying your blog and love your green evening dress.

Susan, London UK