Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lost a Day - At Sea

Overnight we managed to lose an entire day, so when we awakened this morning it was Wednesday instead of Tuesday. So far this time change has been relatively easy. I have found that going west is easier than going East. We opted to skip breakfast this morning since we stayed up way too late. We decided to put on the “do not disturb” and sleep in a little. We awakened at 9:30 and then decided to go and grab a light breakfast in the lounge before our painting class. Out class began with a lecture followed by the workshop portion where we painted. At the same time there was a cooking battle between the Italian and French chefs.
I managed to jump between the two events and still do the new technique that was shown to us in class. We had a wonderful time trying out a new stamping technique with the watercolors. We also met another mother/daughter pair who are traveling together, however, they are much younger. We enjoyed spending some time with them as we worked on our “masterpieces”.
After class we decided to go up on deck and have lunch at the pool grill. Much to our surprise the sun had some out. After lunch we spent some time by the pool working on our tan and later watching some water volleyball. By 4:00 it was time for Bingo, but neither one of us did very well. By 5:00 we were back in the room and I was able to talk to Hunter for a bit on IM. The crazy thing was that it was only 10:00 PM on Tuesday, but was 5:00 PM on Wednesday here. Tonight was a formal evening, so we spent some time getting ready.
We went to the bar to have a cocktail prior to dinner. Funny thing, when we first arrived there were no blue cheese stuffed olives to be found on board. However, now we can find them anywhere, anytime, on the ship. We enjoyed the company of 2 different couples, one from Seattle and one from Lexington. We had a great time getting to know them. Tonight we had to be on time for dinner as we were dining with one of the officers. We joined another couple who lives in Bonaire. We had a wonderful dinner that consisted of fois gras, crab bisque, and Dover sole. As always it was an incredible meal. Tonight’s show was “Aquarius” which showcased many songs from the 60s and 70s. It was very well done and most enjoyable. We stopped by the  bar on the way back for a nightcap and than called it a night. This evening gain an hour so we’ll be 16 hours ahead of EST and will be arriving in Tauranga. Until then…

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