Friday, February 25, 2011

At Sea

This is our second to last sea day, so as usual we slept in a little. We have been staying up way too late at night, usually just sitting around and talking to the friends we’ve made on board. It is going to be really hard to say goodbye to everyone next week. We had a light breakfast in the restaurant and then came back to the room. I think the night air last night made Mom’s cold a little worse this morning. I went to the art lecture and workshop while Mom read her Nook. Class was fun today - we painted postcards. I only managed to only do one because I was ready for lunch. Today was the Galley Lunch, which we had done last segment. I had not planned on going but Ann wanted to go and Mom didn’t really want lunch. We sat with another couple who was from NYC, there seems to be quite a few on board. The lunch was once again very good and I made a plate to take up to Mom. After lunch we did try and go to a lecture, but were bored to tears and decided to leave rather than fall asleep in front of the speaker. He would have been wise to have some audiovisual aides and inflect his voice a little because the actual content was very interesting. It was on the Australian explorers Burke and Wills. A short while later it was time for Bingo and Trivia. We again placed second in Trivia, maybe one day before we leave we might actually win. Tonight was formal, so we went back to get ready for dinner. We had an invitation from a couple on board who are from Washington DC and who are also getting off in Sydney. They too are going to see Carmen on Wednesday evening at the Opera House. We stopped through the bar to listen to Eric before joining Syd and Carolyn for dinner. We had a wonderful time talking to and getting to know them better. Turns out they were also on our flight from LAX to Papeete last month. We are looking forward to getting together for a pre-theater dinner with them next week. We went back and listened to more music after dinner and wound up running into some other folks and talking until midnight. Tomorrow morning we’re in Geelong, which is really just a brief stop for folks going on this Ocean Road drive up to Melbourne. We will just stay on board and take the ship there tomorrow afternoon. Time to get some sleep!

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