Sunday, December 18, 2011

Manzinillo, Mexico

Today we arrived at our last port before LA. We decided to sleep in a little since we weren't going on a tour. Breakfast was only served until 9, so we ended up down in Lido for breakfast. Today was extremely hot and humid, with very little breeze. I opted to head ashore around 11:30, but Mom stayed behind since it was quite a ways to walk into town. 

The town is quite small, and not much to write home about. They have lots of stalls, similar to a flea market, but nothing that really interested me. There were a few internet cafes, but they didn't have wifi, only computers that you could use. A nice man did tell me that there was free wifi in the square, and after a while I was finally about to get online. 
I was able to talk to H and Dad as well as do a little surfing. I did see our neighbor here on the ship as well as our butler pass by while I was working on the iPad. It was close to 3 when I returned to the ship and I was starving. Mom had been reading most of the time that I was gone, so we both headed up to Lido for a quick bite. They have the best made to order pizzas and today's was no exception, calabrese. Since it was Sunday afternoon we both had a little nap before getting ready for dinner. 

Tonight was semi-formal and we were meeting Alan and Kay for drinks before dinner. We again had a fabulous time talking with them and sharing stories. We made it to dinner a little earlier this evening and enjoyed our standard caviar for an appetizer. Mom had the tempura prawns and I had the sole for an entree, with spinach on the side of course! Our dessert was this decadent chocolate dish that neither one of us could finish. We were both tired and there weren't any shows tonight, so we headed back for an early evening. We gain an hour overnight, so we'll be 2 hours behind EST. Until tomorrow!

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