Friday, December 16, 2011

Huatulco, Mexico

When we woke up today we were still moving along at a good clip as we were not yet to our port. There were sightings of sea turtles and schools of dolphins beside our ship. I managed to capture pictures of a few. We ended up going to the QG for our breakfast and so we could watch the ship get in it's berth. We had a few items around here that we needed to take care of and then it was off to the spa for a bit. The weather was very warm, 95, but there was a nice breeze and a little haze, so it was made bearable. After a short while lying out we wandered into town where there was a nice crescent shaped beach, though really crowded. 
There were shops, the typical type that one would expect in Mexico. Mom and I had to order a beer to once again gain access to wifi - or maybe it's just an excuse! The internet was in fact pretty poor there as well. I really wanted to get my zip line video up on YouTube, but that will have to wait. We noticed a great deal of military presence, so I had to get a photo. After several hours in town we returned to our room, but were quickly interrupted by our neighbor. We have met briefly across the divide, but tonight we were invited to join them in the suite for a drink. Dan and Bill are from Florida and are some of the most entertaining people we've been around. We talked for hours, but we finally had to excuse ourselves so we could get ready for dinner, but I'm sure we'll do this again soon! 

Dinner was wonderful. Somehow we ended up with both caviar and escargot for our appetizer course. We chose the rack of lamb for our entree and the apple and rhubarb crumble for our dessert. We first had this dessert in 2010 on the QM2 and loved it and still remember it to this day, so we were very excited to have it again. After dinner we wert down for a show that consisted of singers who were also tap dancers. We are now both tired and ready for a good night's rest. Tomorrow is a sea day!!!

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Laura T. said...

What a great turtle shot!