Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Day

This morning we had our breakfast in our suite since it was our last opportunity to do so. The end of a trip is always bittersweet. We've made so many friends on this trip, in such a short time, we really hate to part. We wanted to get a jump start on things, so we hit the closet and started packing. Somehow we managed to be packed, as much as we could, by 10:30 AM. This has to be a first. 
I had hoped to have this out of the way so I could spend the day in the sun, but a quick trip out on the balcony made me realize that wasn't going to happen. The weather had turned noticeably cooler and very cloudy. Mom had an appointment at the spa at 11:15, and while she had a manicure, I took care of some paperwork, writing thank you notes, etc. We arrived early (for us) in the dining room for lunch where Mom had a cheeseburger and I had some angel hair pasta. We returned to our room where we both feel asleep for a bit, due in part to the ship rocking quite a bit and the very overcast skies. Later, we went up to the lounge for our last tea on board. I think we both wanted one last scone, since they really are fabulous. By the end of tea it was time to return to our room and get ready for the evening. Tonight we again had drinks with Kaye and Alan from Dallas. 

We have enjoyed their company so much this trip. Its a real shame we met them so late on the Dubai trip as I think we could have had a blast together. Dinner this evening was as nice as it's been. We had our usual caviar followed by chicken mushroom soup and then the lamb that is prepared table side. I have really grown fond of lamb (and spinach) during this trip. We finished the meal with a Bailey's soufflĂ© with a chocolate sauce. We are going to have to wean ourselves off of dessert twice a day! We had to make our "rounds" after dinner to speak with the various people we've met during the trip. It was time to head back to our room to get the luggage out, which has now grown to three bags between the two of us - not bad all things considered. When we returned to our suite we found the sweetest note from Leah and Dan who were over last evening. 
We do fall back another hour this evening which will make the waking up time of 5:30 AM a little easier tomorrow. We'll be back Stateside in less than 8 hours now!

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