Monday, December 12, 2011

En Route to Costa Rica

We have enjoyed going up to the QG for breakfast, so we decided on that again today. We both had berries and cream for part of our breakfast  and it was really good. Afterward we went into the lounge for me to work on uploading pictures, but due to he weather, I had very little success with the satellite internet. At 11:00 we went down and watched a pastry demonstration. Due to the inclement weather, there was quite a large crowd. They make everything look so easy from making the swan from pate de choux and teacups made from chocolate. I think I have a few ideas for the next dinner party. 

They also made the "tuxedo strawberries" that were offered to us at the conclusion. I swear it looked as though people were afraid they weren't going to get another meal! It was a feeding frenzy. At times I get a bit disgusted with the way people act in certain settings, they seem to lose all sense of good manners. After the demonstration, I again tried to get online, but had to give up. This has been very frustrating. Lunch was very nice today even though we were going through heavy periods of rain, almost white out conditions. The afternoon was rather quiet and we even snuck back to the cabin for a bit of a nap. What else can with do with such rainy weather? By 5:00 it was time for our version of happy hour before getting ready for this evening. 

Tonight was semi-formal, so we dressed up a little for dinner. We have really gotten on a kick of caviar as an appetizer before dinner. Though I think they may be running a bit low because we each were served a smaller portion than usual, though probably a good thing. We had a shrimp bisque followed by orange roughy, which was some of the best fish I've ever eaten. A few night ago I requested sautéed spinach to go with our entree and now it seems to have become standard issue for us. I have to laugh about this because my grandmother used to be the same way, if she found out that you liked something, you would have it every day. I could tell them to not prepare it, but I have to admit it's my favorite vegetable and at least I'm getting my iron intake everyday! We went down to deck 3 to listen to the string quartet, but have called it an early night since we have to meet at 6:15 for our mangrove tour tomorrow in Costa Rica tomorrow. The good news is that we fall back another hour so it will really only seem like 7:15, or so we hope.

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Laura T. said...

Love the dress, Lar! Shame about the rain - hopefully it will be clear skies soon.