Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday - Red Sea

Today was another beautiful day at sea. We had our breakfast in our room before heading up to the deck. It was really quite windy while we were up there and it was almost cloudy. It didn’t take long until the sun burned off the clouds and we had a gorgeous day on our hands. We soaked up the sun and read for several hours. The highlight of the day was seeing the US Farragut come along side of us. She is a warship out of Norfolk, VA.

You could see crew on the front in their formation and the rest of the crew towards the back. The ships exchanged horns blowing and all of the sailors were waving as were we waving back. We came in about 3:00 to go and get a little lunch. We opted for the Kings Court to get a little salad and then went back to our room. Today we have to start taking “pirate precautions” in the evening by shutting our curtains and turning off the cabin lights. Around 5:00 Prakasan brought in all of these hot hors d’oeuvres for my “birthday”.

We could only eat a part of them since we had just had our lunch a few hours earlier. I did run up to Deck 11 to see the sunset – very pretty. Tonight was formal, so we needed to dress and go down to the dining room. We had preordered Steak Diane and it was absolutely delicious – one of our favorites so far. After dinner we went down to the Queen’s Room for a little dancing and sat with our friends Betty and Shirley, both from the UK.

We are losing another hour tonight, so we had to keep that in mind. Tomorrow we will be 9 hours ahead of EST, but that is the last time change until Dubai – thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had a good trip. Give me a call when you get stateside. - Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say this complete stranger has been enjoying your blog from my beloved QM2 (your blog was advertised on a Cunard forum). I join the ship in Cape Town for the final leg and reading your adventures is adding to my sense of anticipation!