Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another beautiful day on the QM2

(The wonderful Erdal!)
Even though we lost an hour overnight, it was easier to get up this morning. We’re not sure whether it was the additional water, bananas or soap in the bed, but Mom did not have any leg cramps last night. Yeah! We had a leisurely breakfast in our room and then watched the movie Bolt which was running on the television. Afterwards I headed down to the gym to do a short workout. It is hard to get used to being on the treadmill on the ship. The gym is located at the very front, so you do feel the movement and should really hang on! We each showered and then it was time for lunch. It always amazes me, you can generally get whatever you want even if it isn’t on the menu. Jane and Barbara came to lunch shortly after we arrived, so it was good to chat with them. The weather today has been very nice, calm seas, high in the 50s with little wind. We were supposed to pass the Queen Victoria, but due to some bad weather she had to take a more northerly route and is about 70 miles north of us. The Queen Victoria is doing the world cruise as well, but going in the reverse order. As the day went on, the sky grew much darker. I am not sure if we’ve had rain or not, but we are supposed to get more wind tomorrow and slightly rougher seas. We were in the Grill Lounge “people watching” when I decided that I couldn’t stay awake much longer. We went back to the stateroom and had a wonderful nap. I think I enjoy being lazy! We dressed for dinner and went down to the Chart Room where the string quartet was playing. We enjoyed almost an hour of music before going to dinner. We had another wonderful meal and then went to the theater for a concert consisting of a Paraguayan harpist followed by a vocalist from Montreal. It was an eclectic evening of entertainment. Afterwards we went down to the Red, White, and Blue Big Band Ball (say that fast). It was fun watching everyone dance, and I even joined in on a few. We are again losing an hour tonight so we decided to call it an early evening (well, not so early as it’s almost 1:00 am) and come back up to bed. A very Happy Birthday to Jay Peterson, we hope it was a great one!


Voyager One - Your Humble Phlogger said...

Great updates! Just started following the voyage from here in Los Angeles. I have been on QM2 twice and love the ship. I just came back from a New Year's cruise with my mother so I know just how terrific traveling with one's mom can be! Congrats and safe travels. Enjoy and know that your updates are terrific! Thank you! I look forward to the day when I too will sail the QM2 for the World Cruise. A must! Bon Voyage!

tanya said...

What on earth, soap, bananas, water in your bed??!! Haha! We are all doing well Zachary has all district tryouts tomorrow (sat.) Pray for him he is nervous! You all look beautiful again! (As always!) Love you both, be safe!