Monday, March 7, 2011

We're Back = Pneumonia

After a very quick 3.5 hour flight from LAX to CLT, a very brief layover and then 30 minute flight, we were back at the Wilmington airport where we departed from on January 29. It's amazing how quickly the trip went by. I had made an appointment with Mom's doctor here for this afternoon just to have her checked out. We managed to get a bite of breakfast, get a shower, and then it was off to spend the afternoon at the doctor. They seemed to think it was a viral infection, but did some blood tests, chest x-ray, etc. We had been home about an hour when they called to say that they were concerned about one of her tests results and it could be blood clots. We were off to the Emergency Room for a CT Scan with contrast - just what she needed after being up for 40+ hours straight! Due to her history of clots they put STAT on the order, which allowed us to get through very fast. Thankfully there were no clots but she does have pneumonia. Heavy antibiotics and lots of rest are in order for the next several days. I am pretty exhausted as well and ready to go on to bed. Thanks again to everyone who followed our adventures on the blog. Until next time...

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