Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday x 2

We spent Sunday morning (our time) getting ready for our flight and doing a little shopping. The day went by so quickly and before we knew it we were at SIN checking in. We were taken to the Kris Lounge to spend the couple of hours before our flight. This is probably the nicest lounge we have been in. The food that was available was limitless. We had a choice of about 10 different hot food items, sushi, soups, you name it. We even had a glass of champagne. All I can say is that the Asian airlines put ours to shame. About 4 PM we boarded our flight that was all business class with only 100 seats and not all of them filled.

The flight was about 15 hours, and it went by so quickly. We had several meals and I even slept very soundly for 7 hours of it. We were watching the "stats" on the flight and at points we were traveling well over 700 mph. We arrived in LA at 3:30 PM, also on Sunday, so we technically landed before we left.
The "after" shot
Amazingly our luggage that we check in Sydney arrived here just as planned and we breezed through customs and were on our way to check in on our domestic flights. We are now in the US Air lounge in LAX (a FAR cry from SIN), and are awaiting our red eye back east to CLT and then on to ILM by 8:30 tomorrow morning. Glad to be safe and sound thus far with two more flights to go. I bet we'll be 2 tired people for the next few days!

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