Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long day, but it isn't over yet...

Arriving at LAX was the easy party…then the “fun” started. We ended up having to wait for our luggage for almost an hour. Then it was off to Terminal 2 via the “special bus”. We had arrived early enough that the ticket counter had not even opened. The theme of today seems to be hurry up and wait. While waiting a group came in with at least 5 or 6 coolers, and I mean huge coolers full of everything from items purchased at Target to Costco size boxes of Oreos. The entire transaction was in French I think, so we didn’t catch much. Finally another agent came up and assisted us and off to the security line we went. Mom gave a show tonight on the full body scanner - the x-ray images will be posted at a later date J We are now waiting in the Air France lounge for our flight which will board in about and hour and half. We’ve snacked on some cheese and crackers and are listening to all of the French being spoken around us. Hopefully some of it will come back to me. What I’ve had to use so far is pretty rusty. Mom is currently watching them unload the trash from a plane that has just arrived and is absolutely fascinated; wow, she is easily amused. Next time you hear from us it will be from Tahiti! Bonne nuit.

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