Monday, January 31, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Today began well before sunrise since we’re both still on EST and had a wonderful night’s rest. First thing we did was go out on our deck to once again take in the gorgeous scenery and listen to the friendly roosters crow.

Since the sun was not yet up I was able to take amazing photos of the fish in the water.
Didn't want to swim with him

It was nice and cool until the sun came up over the mountain and it quickly warmed up. We decided it was time to head over and get some breakfast. As we walked down the pier we saw the Silver Spirit as she was coming into port in Moorea. She was only here until 4:00 PM and then on to Papeete, where we will embark tomorrow.
We arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed a very plentiful breakfast buffet of everything from stir-fried vegetables to pancakes with local fruit compote. We managed to spend several hours grazing, talking to other folks and watch how they deliver room service here on the island.
That's what I call room service!
I think the restaurant must have been getting ready for lunch by the time we left. We walked around the grounds, browsed in the pearl shop, and then came back to take in the sun on the deck.
Not sure what this was...

Since the water was nice and calm, I decided to take the opportunity to go snorkeling. I will say the fish are VERY friendly and will come right up to you. There are just hundreds of them in the water and many are very brightly colored.
I'm in their world!
We had a snack around lunchtime, which consisted of a fresh baguette and some yummy cheese – all we needed was some wine! We stayed here until later in the afternoon when we decided to go by the pool. By this time the winds had really picked up.
About 2:00 we went into the bar to try a Hinano beer that is made in Tahiti. We enjoyed it so much that we had another. A couple we had met earlier was dining there as well and ended up sharing their pizza with us. We really enjoyed it.
 By 4:00 it was time for the Polynesian food demo by the pool. They showed us how to make Poisson Cru, which is the local specialty. It consists of raw tuna, lime juice, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and coconut milk. It was incredible. We made enough to have a light meal of it. While at the demo we met a couple from Kansas who are here on vacation. We spent the next 3 hours talking and having a fantastic time with them. We saw some storm clouds approaching and before we knew it a rainbow appeared – can this place get any better? 
It started to rain a bit, so we parted ways and went back to our “hut”. We had eaten so late in the day that we decided to just have some snacks here and not do a formal dinner. We sure have gotten lazy quickly. Mom is awake this evening and helping me with the blog as we look out and watch the lightening show that is on the horizon. It’s hard to believe that we have to leave here tomorrow. I think Mom is afraid that the trip might be downhill from here J We are doing great and having a fabulous time!

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Are you sure those roosters were friendly? :)