Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday - Victoria, BC

Today we are in the capital of British Columbia. Breakfast arrived at 9:20, a little too early after last night. Today will involve a lot of packing, filling out forms, etc. One of the best perks about our suite is the complimentary laundry service. We sent out our final 2 bags of laundry this morning, so we will come back with almost all clean clothes! We have utilized the service many times this trip and everything comes back perfectly pressed – even pajamas. Our butler has made the joke that we brought our dirty clothes from home just to get them washed here! It has been awesome. I am up in the lounge and Mom has started the packing process. Dad’s legs and ankles are terribly swollen from all of the walking, so he is resting. I am not sure that they will venture into town. We hear the Empress Hotel is THE place to have high tea, so we may try and do that. We have to have our luggage out by 11 pm, so I hope we can get it accomplished earlier rather than later.

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