Tuesday, August 25, 2009

After arriving into Vancouver at about 4 AM EST we decided to sleep in this morning taking advantage of the fact that we didn’t have anything planned. Some of us awakened as early as 6 AM local, others decided to catch up on their beauty rest. We finally managed to go down to the restaurant around 10 AM. There we encountered a very expansive buffet. I think we all ate our weight in smoked salmon, but then again, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do up here? We enjoyed a most leisurely brunch followed by taking in the gorgeous harbor view from the terrace. We actually ended up spending several hours out there sunning ourselves and watching visitors from a docked cruise ship. By mid-afternoon it was time to take care of a few items, namely picking up a forgotten iPhone charger (can you imagine) and a curling iron for Mom. Dad and I were the ones to go exploring in the city, taking a cab to the Pacific Centre shopping district. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, we needed a little “pick me up”, so we stopped at a local coffee shop and had something to drink. By the time we returned to the hotel, it was time to get ready for dinner. Since everything is so spread out, and we wanted to avoid having to take a cab, we decided to have dinner at “Five Sails” here at the hotel. I was prepared for typical “hotel fare”, but as we arrived and noticed the 4-star rating we knew we were in for a treat. As with my previous blog, we are all about the food! I think we all agree, this is one of the best meals we have ever had. Dad started with the “Yin Yan Foie Gras” and I can honestly say that it was spectacular. Mom and I also had appetizers and we each had a different entrée. Dad had the trio of lobster, scallops and halibut, while I had the grilled lobster, and Mom had the Char (a salmon like fish). Across the board it was delicious. We also tried a local Chardonnay from Cedar Creek. Again, one of the best Chardonnay’s we’ve ever had – very light, not too oakey, all around great. We concluded with dessert – a lemon mille feuille for both Mom and I while Dad had the chocolate ahh!, and yes it was. It was just the perfect dinner, perfect view, and perfect company. We are now back in the room anticipating all that is to come!

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Kasey said...

Thanks heavens you were able to get a charger! To bad I was not there help you dad cash out his Chocolate Ahh! Keep having fun.