Sunday, November 2, 2008


We are now at the Sofitel at the Athens airport. I have checked out where we need to go in the morning and it is very close and seems straight forward. It will be a very early morning for us as our flight leaves at 6:40. We connect through Zurich and then on to JFK. We should arrive in RDU at 17:30 tomorrow evening. Looking forward to being back on US soil and with our family and friends. Our love to all.

Earlier in the day...
Today I have spent most of the day up on the Acropolis. I went out this morning and made a Starbucks run, so we had a light breakfast. The city was in full swing even at 7:00. I managed my way around pretty well. Mom opted to stay at the hotel as I was not sure of how uneven/steep the terrain would be on the Acropolis. Good thing because it was tough even for me! I ran into some people from the cruise, including Margaret. What a small world. We are packing up to head out the airport, so I wanted to go ahead and post. I will let the photos and video speak for itself. I can comment more on it later.

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Laura T. said...

Oh such confusion! I can't decide whether to be happy you are coming home or sad that your trip (and my vicarious life through your blog) is over. I guess I'll be satisfied to wish you safe travels!